Deodorant for Kids

Children normally find they need to use deodorant when they start going through puberty. This is because during puberty the sweat glands (known as the apocrine glands) responsible for body odour become active. Apocrine gland sweat is actually odourless, but can start to smell when bacteria on the skin break it down and produce chemicals, which emit that distinctive smell.

Causes of Body Odour

Body odour can be influenced by many factors including: diet, alcohol health conditions and medication. The other type of sweat gland; the eccrine gland can also produce sweat that causes odour if it is broken down by bacteria or affected by the triggers mentioned above. For example, eccrine sweat might cause an offensive odour if the sufferer has eaten a lot of spicy food or garlic, or taken certain medications such as antidepressants.

Children and Body Odour

It is not uncommon for very young kids to suffer from body odour, but it is often the result of medication, diet or a health issue rather than sweat production. If your child is suffering from body odour it is important that you speak to your Doctor, to determine the cause and find out if there are any underlying health problems.

Natural Deodorant for Kids

In the meantime, you may decide to take some measures to treat the odour itself. There are many ways to do so, without resorting to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants which contain chemicals which are perhaps not suitable for children. At this present time there are very few specific deodorants for kids, but there are many natural deodorants that are perfectly safe for kids to use. Natural crystal deodorants, such as Crystal Spring’s Salt of the Earth range contain no parabens, triclosan, aluminium Chlorohydrate or synthetic fragrances; they are entirely chemical free. These natural deodorants are made from potassium alum, a naturally occurring mineral salt which works to prevent odour, offering effective, long-lasting protection. Additionally, Salt of the Earth deodorants are unscented, which means they are discrete and can be used without breaking school rules against perfume and fragrance. Using a natural deodorant for kids is a safe and gentle way to protect against body odour.


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