Naturally Safe & Delightfully Fun for Kids!

Naturally Safe & Delightfully Fun for Kids!

At Salt of the Earth, we're happy to offer safe and fun deodorant options for the whole family, starting at age six. It's never too early to start a healthy care routine, and our deodorants make it easy and fun for kids.

We use top-quality natural ingredients to ensure our deodorants are safe and effective without harsh chemicals. They're a great choice for parents looking for gentle yet effective hygiene products for their kids.

Scents That Spark Joy

Choosing the right deodorant can be exciting, especially with scents designed to appeal to young minds. Here's a closer look at some of the most popular fragrances in our collection that kids are sure to love:


  • Ocean & Coconut: This scent combines fresh ocean air and creamy coconut, reminding you of beach trips and summer fun. It's a favorite that adds a dash of adventure to everyday routines.



  • Melon & Cucumber: Fresh and invigorating, this combination soothes and cools, perfect for after sports or on hot days. The blend of crisp cucumber with sweet melon provides a subtle yet pleasing scent that is both uplifting and calming. 


  • Sweet Strawberry: Fruity and vibrant, Sweet Strawberry is a hit among kids who enjoy a sweet, juicy fragrance. It’s like tucking a summer fruit basket right under their arms, making it a blast for kids to wear  every day.



We've got some great deals on our website right now! You can find bundles of our favorite fragrances in both our refillable sprays and refillable roll-on forms. Plus, they're all 10% off, so you can try different scents for a little less!

Or try our Rock Chick Crystal, perfect for kids who aren't into scents yet, this one's made for the young rock star in every child!


Beyond Just Deodorant

At Salt of the Earth, we do more than just manufacture deodorant. We foster a culture of health and environmental awareness. Our products are not only safe for your family but also for the planet. They are vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged in recyclable materials, reflecting our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Empowering the Next Generation

By choosing Salt of the Earth, you're teaching your kids important self-care and environmental lessons. Our fun scents get them excited about daily routines, and our safe, natural origin ingredients keep parents worry-free.

We believe that personal care should be joyful, safe, and accessible to all ages. Join us in trying out Salt of the Earth deodorants and help us make the planet healthier and happier. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your family's daily life!


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