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The coronation of a new monarch is a big deal, and in the UK, it's steeped in tradition and ceremony. We at Salt of the Earth Deodorant are super excited about the upcoming coronation of King Charles III, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II. As a brand that loves natural living and tradition, we can't wait to talk about the history and significance of this event! 

The coronation ceremony for King Charles III is full of tradition and ceremony that dates back centuries. The whole thing is taking place at Westminster Abbey, the same place where every monarch since 1066 has been crowned. Everyone who's anyone will be there, including members of the royal family, government representatives, and other VIPs. 

The ceremony itself is chock-full of symbolism and tradition. The monarch is anointed with holy oil to represent their divine right to rule. Then they get presented with things like a ring, a sceptre, and a crown, each of which symbolizes different aspects of their job as head of state. They also take a special oath to uphold the laws and customs of the land. 

Even though the coronation ceremony is all about tradition, it's also a time to celebrate the present and future! King Charles III's coronation marks the start of a new era for the UK as the country deals with modern challenges. As a natural deodorant brand that cares about the environment, we're excited to see how the new reign will focus on sustainability and natural living! 

King Charles III was only 21 when he first made a speech about the environment back in 1970, he warned of the threats from plastic waste and chemicals being dumped into our rivers and seas as well as commenting on air pollution from industry and vehicles. Back then these comments were not well received, however now this has become much more mainstream, with many companies, including ourselves, watching their impact on the environment and helping consumers do the same! 

His work has included starting numerous charities including, The Prince's Trust, The Prince's Foundation and The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF). In 2019 the Sustainable Markets Initiative was launched and in 2020 it was followed by the Terra Carta which is the guiding mandate for the Sustainable Markets Initiative, providing a proposed set of principles to 2030 that puts Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation. 

The coronation of King Charles III is a huge moment that combines tradition, ceremony, and a celebration of the present and future. We at Salt of the Earth Deodorant can't wait to see what happens next, and we're excited about the potential for more sustainability and natural living in the UK!

Coronation cupcakes and natural deodorant on display in our office

Display of coronation cupcakes and our natural deodorants in our office.


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