Earth Day!

Earth Day!

As we walk this earth every day, it seems right to have a day dedicated to its celebration

The earth provides us with so many essentials required to live a healthy and full life, but as pollution, deforestation and climate change are on the rise, it’s clear that it’s now our job to protect the environment and work towards a more sustainable way of living.

Earth day is a day to focus on the earth’s well-being and to make an effort to do something good – from picking up litter to planting trees, whatever is doable.

However, as we all know, it’s more effective to adopt a few good habits that you can do on a daily basis and be consistent. It delivers more tangible results.

Things to consider could be actions such as using less energy, growing your own vegetables, using rainwater to water the lawn or simply using the car less.

Another way you can help the earth is by reducing the amount of plastic you purchase.

Plastic pollution is a huge problem; the recycling rate of plastic packaging waste in the UK stands at around 44 percent (2021 data). However, the numbers are not so rosy when you look at the detail. It is believed that almost half of all UK plastic waste is incinerated for energy recovery, 25 percent gets sent to landfills and just 12 percent is recycled at UK reprocessing facilities. All the remaining plastic waste is shipped abroad.

The best way to tackle plastic pollution is to use less plastic!

Here at Salt of the Earth we offer two options.

  1. Reduce your plastic consumption by opting for our refillable range of roll-on deodorants, sprays or sticks. Just by using a refill you create up to 65% less plastic waste, when you compare the packaging of 5 individual deodorant bottles with 1 refill bottle.
  2. Go for plastic-free products. We offer our stick deodorants in sturdy cardboard packaging and our balm deodorants come in glass jars. Both options get a thumbs up when it comes to green credentials as the packaging can be easily recycled in a way that doesn’t affect the environment

To explore the full range, have a look here.


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