Embrace the Reuse Revolution: Celebrating World Refill Day with Sustainable Deodorant Options

World Refill Day

We all know that it’s better to re-use than to throw something away, but in practice there may be many obstacles.  As it’s World Refill Day today (16th June), we want to have a closer look at how we can move away from single use and shift towards a more sustainable future, with reuse and refill at the heart of it.

Acknowledging the gap

There is a big gap between what people would like to do and what they actually do, and we feel this is something that is very relevant to the concept of refilling and reusing of items.

Life is busy and don’t we all sometimes think that ‘if I had more time then I would be able to plan ahead more and live in a more eco-conscious way’? However, the busyness of life keeps us prone to ad hoc decisions rather than forward planning, and if you want to live more sustainably, it does require a longer term approach.

This can be daunting, because where to start? Here we want to give you a few tips on how to make the process easier for you.

Small changes add up

First of all, a home is filled to the brim with items – it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed. 

Let’s start by applying a few simple rules to pinpoint which items we can target to reduce our single use waste:

  1. Focus on items that you repurchase often. Go room by room to make sure you don’t forget anything
  2. Is there a more ecofriendly option available on the market?
  3. Can it be refilled?

By following this approach, you will end up with a list of products that is concise. Then, it’s time to research and find whether better options exist.

When it comes to packaging, plastic is recyclable, but it’s much better if we aim to avoid plastic waste or reduce it as much as we can.

That’s why on World Refill Day, it’s the perfect day to highlight the benefits of refill options.

Salt of the Earth refillable options

Here at Salt of the Earth we have worked hard to make all our main vegan deodorant formats available in refillable format. When your product is used up, you can simply order a refill bottle or refill stick.

The refill bottles for the liquid formulas fill up one bottle up to 7 times, saving up to 65% of packaging from landfill.

Try our refillable spray deodorants, refillable roll-on deodorants or refillable stick deodorants, which are available in 10 different fragrances.

If you prefer having no plastic waste at all, you can opt for our plastic-free stick deodorants, which are made out of cardboard, which is biodegradable.

All small changes create a greener household and collectively, we can create a greener world.

Happy World Refill Day! 

PS thank you to The Spinney 53 for helping with the filming of our World Refill Day video.  The Spinney 53 offers a great choice refills and sustainable products in Chandlers Ford including our Salt of the Earth deodorants. 


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