From Hampshire to Dubai: Salt of the Earth Leads Sustainable Innovation at Retail Summit 2024

From Hampshire to Dubai: Salt of the Earth Leads Sustainable Innovation at Retail Summit 2024

Oh, Dubai! The city's sky-high ambitions match our own at Salt of the Earth as we excitedly unpack the details from our participation in the Retail Summit 2024. Held in this captivating city within the GCC, it wasn’t just about displaying our exceptional range of natural deodorants—it was an opportunity to stand proud as representatives of British innovation, with commendable support from the Department for Business and Trade (DBT). 

Global Ambitions Galore 
As pioneers in the UK's natural deodorant market, now reaching 35 countries, the Retail Summit served as a perfect platform to expand our reach into international markets that are keen on eco-conscious personal care solutions. Every product we showcased is certified 100% COSMOS Natural by the Soil Association, truly living up to the ‘natural’ claim. 

A Warm Welcome in the UAE 
The enthusiasm for natural deodorants in the UAE is growing. Local consumers, well-informed about health and sustainability, are keen on alternatives such as our Aluminium chlorohydrate-free products. Produced in our dedicated facility in Hampshire, these products strictly comply with verified natural sourcing standards. They're also conveniently available via Amazon UAE. 

Strategic Collaborations and Insights 
Our own Thomas Laird, the driving force behind our brand, alongside Emilie Calhaem, our sales expert, engaged with some of the brightest British innovators. We explored potential collaborations that could set new benchmarks in business sustainability, sharing valuable insights on the significant environmental impact reductions achieved through our refillable packaging options. 

A Gathering of Retail Gurus 
The summit featured insights from retail heavyweights, including Ozwald Boateng OBE, providing a rare opportunity to gain perspective on how sustainable practices can be integrated across industries, inspired by the world of fashion. 

Dubai Dazzles 
Our experience in Dubai, from the towering Burj Khalifa to the comfort of our hotel, was as inspiring as it was spectacular. The city’s commitment to pushing boundaries resonated with our mission to challenge the status quo in eco-friendly personal care. And the cuisine? Each meal was a reflection of Dubai’s legendary hospitality. 

What’s Next? 
Fuelled by the insights gained and connections made at the summit, we’re more driven than ever to broaden the reach of our sustainable deodorant range. Our ambitions stretch far beyond the GCC, targeting every corner of the globe. 

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and tales of our journey. Join us in revolutionising the deodorant industry. Interested in getting involved? Swing by our wholesale page for a chat about opportunities. 

Stay fresh, stay fabulous, and let's champion sustainability together! 


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