Switching To A Natural Deodorant!

Switching To A Natural Deodorant!

As awareness grows around the benefits of natural and sustainable lifestyle choices, many are turning away from traditional antiperspirants towards healthier alternatives. Here at Salt of the Earth, we offer 100% natural origin deodorants that allow your body to sweat naturally. This is a vital process for cooling and detoxifying—while effectively neutralizing odour-causing bacteria.

When you make the switch from traditional antiperspirants to natural deodorants, it's common to enter what is known as the "Detox Phase." During this initial period, you might observe an increase in both sweat and body odour. This response is perfectly normal and an important part of transitioning to a natural product.

Why Does the Detox Phase Happen?

Traditional antiperspirants use chemicals like aluminium compounds to block your sweat glands and prevent perspiration. When you stop using these products, your body begins to expel the residues of these chemicals along with other accumulated toxins. This natural expulsion process is your body's way of cleansing itself and can lead to increased sweat and odour temporarily.

What to Expect

  • Increased Sweat: As your sweat glands become unblocked, your body will likely start to produce more sweat than usual. This increase is your body's natural way to regulate temperature and release built-up toxins.
  • More Body Odor: Sweat itself doesn't smell; the odour comes from bacteria on your skin breaking down the sweat. As you begin to sweat more, there may be a temporary increase in odour until your body's microbiome adjusts to the new normal without antiperspirants.

Duration of the Detox Phase

The detox phase typically lasts a few weeks, but the duration can vary depending on several factors such as your body chemistry, the previous use of antiperspirants, and your personal hygiene habits during this period.

Choosing the Right Product

Here at Salt of the Earth we offer a variety of natural deodorants to suit every need:

  • Format Freedom: Choose from a deodorant stick, a quick refillable spray, or a traditional deodorant roll-on. We offer a variety of formats with the hope that there's something for everyone!
  • Fragrance Choices: Choose from delightful scents like Lavender & Vanilla or choose our Unscented options if you prefer no scent!

Application Tips For optimal results, apply your natural deodorant to clean, dry skin. Apply it evenly to prevent using too much, and reapply if you sweat a lot or later in the day as needed.

Debunking Myths About Natural Deodorants

Myth: Natural Deodorants Don't Work

  • Misconception: The notion that natural deodorants don't work stems from a misunderstanding of their function compared to traditional antiperspirants. People often expect natural deodorants to work like antiperspirants, which block sweat with chemicals like aluminium chlorohydrate. So when people switch to a natural deodorant and keep sweating, they often think it's not working!
  • Origin: This myth often comes from the early transition phase when people switch from antiperspirants and may notice more sweat or odour as their bodies adjust, which can take a few weeks. This adjustment period is often mistaken as ineffectiveness of the product.
  • Reality: Our natural deodorants work by neutralizing odours on the skin's surface through natural origin ingredients. These tackle the bacteria that cause bad smells, not the sweat itself.

Sweating is an essential body function that aids in temperature regulation and detoxing the body. By not obstructing this process, natural deodorants support the body's innate functions.

Adjusting to a natural deodorant can take a while, but most people find them very effective at staying fresh throughout the day after the detox period. Additionally, these deodorants often contain essential oils and plant extracts that help keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

Conclusion Natural deodorants work with your body’s natural processes to reduce odour. By understanding how these products work and adjusting your expectations, you can find the right deodorant for your needs.

Discover the right Salt of the Earth product for you and start your journey to a fresher, cleaner lifestyle today!


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