Understanding Our Product Ratings: A Guide for Salt of the Earth Deodorant Customers

Understanding Our Product Ratings: A Guide for Salt of the Earth Deodorant Customers

Navigating product ratings can be confusing, especially when different platforms give various assessments. We've noticed some concerns from our customers after using the Yuka app to scan our Salt of the Earth deodorant products. This guide aims to clear up these ratings and explain how they match our strict certifications and commitments to the environment, using plain language and detailed references to the Soil Association and COSMOS standards.


About the Yuka App

Yuka is an independent app designed to help you choose healthier products by scanning food and cosmetic items to check their health impact. It reviews products for additives, potential allergens, and other health factors. Importantly, Yuka is not swayed by manufacturers or brands, ensuring its evaluations are fair.

While Yuka’s efforts to promote healthier choices are commendable, it’s important to understand that its criteria might not fully cover the extensive standards our Salt of the Earth deodorant products meet.


Our COSMOS Certification

Our Salt of the Earth deodorants proudly hold the 100% COSMOS Natural certification from the Soil Association. This certification ensures our deodorants avoid harmful chemicals and are made from ingredients that follow the highest standards for being natural and organic. The COSMOS standard encourages careful use of natural resources and protecting wildlife and plants.


What the COSMOS Logo Means

The COSMOS logo on our Salt of the Earth deodorants means they stick to strict rules:

  • No Animal Testing: We do not test on animals at any stage of our production.
  • No GM Ingredients: Our deodorants are free from genetically modified organisms.
  • No Harmful Chemicals: We avoid substances that are often questioned for their safety.
  • No Parabens and Phthalates: These common chemicals are not in our products.
  • No Synthetic Colours, Dyes, or Fragrances: All the colours and smells in our products come from natural sources.


The Need for Certifications When Definitions Aren't Clear

In the cosmetics industry, the terms "natural" and "organic" aren’t officially defined, which can make it hard for you to know what you are really buying. Without certifications like those from COSMOS or the Soil Association, there's no proof that a product claiming to be natural actually meets any recognised standards. These certifications offer a level of trust that is otherwise missing, showing that our Salt of the Earth deodorants are made according to strict guidelines for being natural and organic.


Our Environmental Commitment

Our dedication to the environment is fundamental. The COSMOS standard requires us to use environmentally friendly production methods, wisely use resources, and reduce waste. These practices are regularly inspected and confirmed, ensuring we keep meeting these high standards.


Additional Ethical Certifications

Besides COSMOS, we are certified by the Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny, which means we promise to avoid animal products and testing, showing our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. These organisations thoroughly check that we meet their ethical standards.


The Role of the Soil Association

The Soil Association conducts detailed checks on how we make our Salt of the Earth deodorants. They closely review our formulas and check the quality of our ingredients and suppliers, ensuring everything matches their strict standards. This detailed scrutiny helps ensure our product quality remains high and trustworthy.


Addressing Customer Concerns

We understand that ratings on apps like Yuka might lead to questions. It’s crucial to remember that while these apps are useful, they do not capture the complete scope of comprehensive certifications like COSMOS. Our strong certifications are solid proof of our commitment to natural ingredients, ethical practices, and caring for the environment.


Why Trust Our Certifications?

Third-party certifications confirm that our Salt of the Earth deodorants meet strict standards. This detailed checking process involves careful reviews of ingredients and thorough audits of how we make our products, providing assurance that our deodorants are truly natural and ethically made.



We encourage our customers to talk to us about any concerns to build understanding and trust. Our certifications from respected bodies like COSMOS, the Soil Association, the Vegan Society, and Leaping Bunny reflect our deep commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

For more detailed information about our practices and the standards we follow, please visit the Soil Associationand COSMOS websites. We hope this guide reassures you of the integrity and reliability of our Salt of the Earth deodorants, ensuring you feel confident in your choices as a valued customer.


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