Need Help Buying a Natural Deodorant? Here’s Our Top 6 Tips to Help You Buy Right!

Need Help Buying a Natural Deodorant? Here’s Our Top 6 Tips to Help You Buy Right! - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

If you’re considering buying a natural deodorant but not quite sure what to look for when making the purchase, we’ve got some simple tips to help you make the right decision.

  1. Firstly, you should always check the ingredients on the back of the product. Try to avoid anything containing synthetic chemicals like parabens, triclosan or aluminium chlorohydrate (find out more about why these ingredients can be harmful here).
  1. It’s also a good idea to prioritise products that have been recommended by publications specialising in natural alternatives. The Crystal Spring girls enjoy reading magazines like Your Healthy LivingTrue Health, Better Retailing and Rude Health as they always produce good, research-based advice. For more publications, take a look here.
  1. It’s important to remember that choosing a natural deodorant doesn’t have to be expensive. Our Salt of the Earth range even offers a Natural Deodorant Spray Refill, which will both save you money and take care of the environment. It contains up to 10 refills for a 100ml bottle and can be used to top-up our Travel Spray too.
  1. Don’t worry about application - you have options. The Salt of the Earth range includes both crystal sticks and sprays, allowing you to choose a method that suits your personal preference, whilst retaining the peace of mind that you are using a natural, paraben- and synthetic-free product.
  1. Scented or unscented, the choice is yours. Our Salt of the Earth range provides two unscented options in both the Crystal Classic and the Spray, but if it’s a scented deodorant you’re after, we have that too! Pure Aura, our award-winning Natural Deodorant Spray, has been fragranced with a fusion of over 15 natural botanical extracts and oils, offering a beautifully light, feminine scent.
  1. Lastly, we recommend exploring the company values behind product development. Here at Crystal Spring, we’re always thinking of our environmental responsibilities and how to be more sustainable, not only in terms of ingredients but packing and distribution too. Consider the whole product when deciding what’s right for you.

Happy Shopping!


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